Hi, I'm Nadim

Frontend / React Native Developer

Muslim, son, brother, husband and father.

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I'm a freelance Frontend / React Native developer from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Currently based in Malang, Indonesia.

Here are a few technologies I've been working with recently:

  • JavaScript (ES6+)
  • React
  • Next.js
  • GraphQL
  • Hasura
  • Hugo
  • React Native (Android)
  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • Phalcon
  • MySQL

Work Experience

Frontend / React Native Developer  @  Freelance

January 2016 - Present

  • (Full-stack/Web) Ongoing development of Admire 3 for Weborama Netherlands
  • (Full-stack/Mobile) Ongoing development of Online Radio Streaming app

Frontend Developer  @  Bataviasoft

November 2013 - December 2015

  • Mainly responsible for frontend and design of multiple projects
  • For a couple of projects I was needed to act as Project Contact
  • Build websites using DotNetNuke and Wordpress, with HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Frontend Developer  @  Fuel Amsterdam

Augustus – October 2013

  • While waiting for my opportunity @ Pt. Bataviasoft in Indonesia, I was offered to do some work at Fuel Amsterdam
  • Worked with a designer and backend developer to build a cross-media campaign platform for TMO Fashion Business School using DotNetNuke, CSS and JavaScript

Frontend Developer  @  Mirabeau

February 2011 - January 2013

  • Taking designs and turning them into functional, standards compliant, cross-browser HTML templates.
  • Involved in new projects and/or ongoing maintenance of roughly 20 business websites.
  • Functioned within the Concept & Design team with other Frontend Developers, Interaction Designers, Visual Designers, as well as Software Engineers and Software Architects of the Development department.

Multimedia Designer Trainee  @  CosmicNavigation

January – May 2009

  • Redesigned product CD packaging
  • Designed flyers, posters, banners
  • Updated web shop products and Flash banners

Multimedia Designer Trainee  @  WebArchitects

September 2008 - January 2009

  • Applied the client’s corporate identity to RightClick 5 page templates
  • Redesigned and updated RightClick 5 manual
  • Made screencasts for RightClick 5

Featured Projects

  • Featured Project


    Second fase of development for the Indonesia Competition Commission (ICC).

    • Next.js·
    • React·
    • Node.js·
    • Express·
    • GraphQL·
    • Hasura·
    • Apollo·
    • Ant Design·
    • Ant Design Charts·
    • Docker
  • Featured Project

    Weborama Admire Rich Media 2.5

    Backend optimization for handling Rich Media in Admire for Weborama Netherlands

    • Phalcon·
    • MySQL 8.0·
    • Edgecast CDN·
    • React·
    • Docker
  • Featured Project

    Radio Dzunnuroin Surabaya

    An Android app for streaming Shoutcast. (Early Access for Indonesian users)

    • Shoutcast·
    • React Native·
    • Redux·
    • i18n·
    • Firebase·
    • Inkscape·
    • Material Design

Other Noteworthy Projects

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  • Personal Website V3

    The third iteration of nadimbasalamah.work built with Hugo and hosted on Gitlab and served from Netlify

    • Hugo·
    • Tailwind CSS·
    • JavaScript·
    • Gitlab·
    • Netlify
  • Upakarti Awards 2020

    The Upakarti Awards is intended as an award in the industrial sector given to parties who are outstanding, have meritorious, and are active in developing and or fostering small and medium industries.

    • DNN·
    • CSS·
    • JavaScript·
    • Bootstrap
  • Makelaar Bert - Bilingual

    A followup project for Makelaar Bert to make their content also available in English.

    • WordPress·
    • Realworks·
    • PHP·
    • CSS·
    • JavaScript·
    • Bootstrap·
    • PolyLang
  • Personal Website V2

    Migrated from Jekyll to Hugo. Hosted now on Surge.sh and managed on Forestry.io.

    • Hugo·
    • Surge.sh·
    • Forestry.io·
    • CSS·
    • JavaScript
  • Makelaar Bert

    Real estate agent that helps with buying, selling and valuations of properties in Amsterdam. They requested a new website with Realworks integration.

    • WordPress·
    • Realworks·
    • PHP·
    • CSS·
    • JavaScript·
    • Bootstrap
  • Personal Website V1

    My personal website powered by Jekyll optimized to meet PageSpeed Insights standards. This was hosted on Github as a Github User Page.

    • Jekyll·
    • Github·
    • CSS·
    • JavaScript
  • Human Horse Hotel

    Redesign of the Human Horse Hotel website.

    • WordPress·
    • PHP·
    • CSS·
    • JavaScript
  • Nutricia ELN

    Nutrica ELN is a follow-up project for Nutrica Indonesia. It adds a Pinterest like feature to Nutricia NUNA intranet.

    • DNN·
    • CSS·
    • JavaScript·
    • Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap Table Multiple Sort

    An extension for bootstrap-table. Adds the ability to sort on multiple columns based on sort priority.

    • JavaScript·
    • Bootstrap
  • ASEAN Centre for Energy

    Redesign of the ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE) website.

    Note: Slider content removed.

    • WordPress·
    • CSS·
    • JavaScript·
    • Bootstrap
  • Ondertekenen V1

    Ondertekenen is a digital signature service (SaaS) provided by Evidos.

    Converted the Signhost frontend framework to Bootstrap and applied some layout enhancements.

    • C#·
    • Bootstrap
  • Nutricia NUNA

    Nutrica NUNA is an intranet for employees of Nutricia Indonesia. It provides easy access to internal apps, company news/events/announcements. It has blogging features for employees to write articles, upload photos and videos.

    • DNN·
    • CSS·
    • JavaScript·
    • Bootstrap
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